Leading the Transformation to Sustainability

The campuses of the Atlanta region are leading the way as we learn to change our thinking about a more sustainable future.

Now ARCHE member colleges and universities are joining forces to achieve even more in sustainability. ARCHE sustainability initiatives will bring together students, faculty and campus sustainability leaders in programs to share best practices, forge new partnerships, build recognition for the immense impact of their research and teaching, and help attract funding for innovative collaborative programs.

Our colleges and universities are leading by example, acting locally by making sustainable practices a priority on their campuses. They are building and renovating green buildings, conserving water, saving and planting trees, recycling comprehensively, encouraging alternative transportation – and improving their financial bottom lines as a result.

They’re discovering a better future through research. Investigating new sources of energy. Testing better ways to reduce consumption and pollution. Envisioning new ways for communities to be sustainable.  Showing corporate leaders how integrating sustainable practices is good for business.

Our colleges are serving their communities by spearheading innovations in city planning and historic preservation, cleaning up rivers, tending community gardens, hosting local farmers’ markets, sharing best practices with local residents and reaching out to K-12 students and teachers.

They’re shaping the future by teaching the next generation of citizens what it means to be able to correct a community’s course. Students are introduced to concepts and specifics not only through environmental studies degree programs, but through a commitment to integrate principles of sustainability into all disciplines. By living in model green campuses, they are experiencing firsthand what it means for green living to be the norm. And by serving their communities, they learn to be leaders on sustainability issues. These students will be prepared to find the bold new solutions to the challenges of our futre.


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